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I was an art director in New York City for over 20 years, designing everything from book jackets to trade shows. My formal training/BFA was in traditional disciplines such as painting, printmaking and photography. I started working digitally about 15 years ago, making collages in Photoshop. Textile designs and patterns were born from a marriage of the rhythms and structure of graphic design with the lush colors and textures from fine art, and from the belief that good visuals in your home can improve your health and well being.
I find inspiration for patterns and Art in just about everything around me—from fashion spreads, to nature, and whatever's good on the street—I like to reinvent what’s unexpected.

CHEZ is a lifestyle brand bringing color and pattern infused with a shot of glamour to residential and commercial markets.

Graphic Design is about communicating a message. It tells the story and informs the way we give out and take in information.
Good design shapes what we see, and how we use the world in our daily lives.

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"Ceil is that rare designer whose work is both beautiful and highly strategic. She dives deeply into each project, immersing herself in the content and delivering a design that makes even the densest information inviting and approachable. And her branding credentials are impeccable. Whether you need a report, a logo, or an entire new brand identity, Ceil can deliver."— Lori S. Warren | REDF, Director, Marketing & Communications

"I have worked with Ceil Diskin for more than ten years and I highly recommend her for any and all design projects. Ceil has extensive experience working directly with marketing managers and understands design from the standpoint of the client as well as the designer. I am always impressed with the questions she asks at the beginning of each project and how smoothly each project flows because she clarifies everything up front. Her branding experience is top-notch and spans every medium available - print, digital, social, etc.She has the ability to create new brand ideas and designs, yet retain the brand design equities that customers recognize. In addition to creative design work, she has never been late on a project. Her project management skills enable her to calculate exactly how long a project will take and she always meets the date she sets. She also is able to meet quick deadlines when I have them and her communication is always clear as to exactly what she can and will provide with fast turnaround projects. She is the ultimate professional and one of the most talented designers I've ever worked with." — Melisa Duffy, Effective Brand Development Manager and Marketing Communications Specialist

“Ceil Diskin’s ... designs are classic yet edgy—an incredibly appealing combo that’s not easily attained. The patterns and hues are so vivid and vivacious—color is where she lives.” —Randi Gollin, Senior Editor, Google


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